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Fantastic Builds

Fantastic Builds

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Discover more than 100 cute and magical LEGO build ideas. From witches and fairies to donuts and rainbows, young LEGO lovers will be insnpired to create fantastic builds that they'll be proud to show off. LEGO Fantastic builds is full of inspiration for young LEGO fans.

This exclusive Sam's Club edition also includes the bricks and instructions to build an owlicorn and a dragon mini model.

This set is perfect for children, ages 7 - 9. Get them started with simple LEGO inspirations with these easy builds. Then send them on their way with other more complicated ideas! Featured are two mini builds, with the 67 bricks included, and over 80 other ideas for them to look into! Use your LEGO bricks to create cute and magical builds. From unicorns to mermaids, cute pets to sweet treats, what will you be inspired to build?

Each page of this book includes details about special builds, construction techniques, unique bricks, and fun pictures of each building idea. Also included are two pages at the end covering useful LEGO bricks and their uses such as: brick basics, cool connectors, interesting pieces, and facial features. All LEGO bricks are useful, and some are especially helpful for creating cute builds!

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